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Pastoral Care

A Holmewood House teacher relishes the chance to build real and meaningful relationships with the children, relationships which will make a positive difference to the lives of the children in our care. Every child has a Form Tutor/ Class Teacher and an Associate Form Tutor who are the first line of responsibility for the happiness and wellbeing of your children.

Our tutors have time with each child, to listen and to hear their joys and concerns. No life and no community is ever without its difficulties and our children need to trust us to care, to understand, to listen and to help them resolve things when difficulty arises.

The ‘Houses’ are very much the community core of the school. Whilst the day to day pastoral provision happens in forms and year groups, the House System emphasises the key attributes of collaboration, collegiality and cooperation. These attributes are part of our whole school values and the House system provides opportunities to put them into practice. Children in the Pre-Prep and Year 8 mix freely at House Meetings and the older children support the younger ones throughout the school as part of our Buddy system. Competition between houses is healthy, and each house competes for the House Cup each year – this is the culmination of every competition from academic stars right through to sporting events and each house has their own charity, chosen by the children, which they support through cake sales, activities, competitions and even fun days. Every pupil is tremendously proud of their houses and the houses are equally proud of all of their children, never more so on in house tournaments when every child has a chance to shine.

In their learning and in their life at school, teachers devote themselves to knowing each child, to noticing and responding to each child’s strengths, each child’s needs. Our teachers and tutors are expected to know all that they can about the world of each child within and beyond school. We meet regularly to discuss children and the security they have in their relationships with teachers who truly know them and care about them is the springboard for their learning and the guarantee of their well-being.

Education at its very best is a deep act of care. At Holmewood House we care deeply and understand the privilege and responsibility of working with and supporting young children in their formative years. If we care, then we will notice. If we notice, then we will act on a child’s behalf. If we act for each child, then each of our children will grow, achieve and become their best selves. To be known, to be noticed, to be valued, to be loved and cared for: fundamental things for all of us, these are the essentials of a good childhood and are at the core of all we do as a school. Our children only have one childhood and so we must ensure it is the very best it can be.

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