Pastoral Care

Holmewood has a deserved reputation for providing and delivering an outstanding pastoral provision. Children require and sometimes actively seek guidance. The best pastoral provision is proactive, consistent, overt and methodical, omnipresent and near at hand when circumstances require it, quick to step in to support, quick to praise, on hand to advise, help and direct.

Every member of staff shares responsibility for the pastoral provision at Holmewood. We pride ourselves upon the quality of our provision and upon the lengths to which we will go to provide the essential support that all children deserve.

The form teachers provide the first line of pastoral provision, ably assisted by teaching assistants in the younger years.  Children are also allocated to a House and the Housemaster or Housemistress is also responsible for the pastoral provision of the children in their House.

We are very proud of our strong Learning Strategies Department and we employ a qualified School Counsellor, who is available to counsel children and adults alike. The litmus test for us is the answer children give when faced with the question, “Do you think that Holmewood values you and do you know what for?” Our duty is to ensure that each and every child has lots of positive things to say in response.

The Houses are very much the community core of the school. Whilst the day to day pastoral provision happens in forms and year groups, the House System emphasises the key attributes of collaboration, collegiality and cooperation. These attributes are part of our whole school values and the House system provides opportunities to put them into practice. Each house has a distinct character, headed by an experienced member of staff who provides some continuity as a pupil moves through the school. Children in the Pre-Prep and Year 8 mix freely at House Meetings and the older children support the younger ones throughout the school as part of our Buddy system. Competition between houses is healthy, and each house competes for the House Cup each year – this is the culmination of every competition from academic stars right through to sporting events and each house has their own charity, chosen by the children, which they support through cake sales, activities, competitions and even fun days. Every pupil is tremendously proud of their houses and the houses are equally proud of all of their children, never more so on in house tournaments when every child has a chance to shine.

We would be delighted to hear from you and invite you to contact us for any queries you may have. You can reach us on 01892 860000, via email at or by filling out this contact form to request a callback.