Our Vision

At Holmewood, Design and Technology (DT) & Engineering aims to nurture creativity, innovation, and practical skills in our pupils. Through a carefully structured curriculum from Year 3 to Year 8, we provide a comprehensive educational journey that builds the foundational skills and progressively introduces advanced techniques and concepts. Our goal is to prepare children not only for academic success for also for real-world problem solving and technological proficiency.

Curriculum Overview

In the lower years, pupils focus on developing dexterity and basic engineering concepts through hands-on projects like lever-based kits, maze games, and simple construction. As they advance, they engage in more complex tasks, such as building accuracy using Tenan saws, learning to design with CAD, and understanding mechanisms and forces through the catapults project.

By Year 5, the emphasis shifts to problem-solving and prototyping with projects like robot arms and automata. In the upper years, pupils deepen their CAD skills and undertake sophisticated projects, such as designing USB lamps, prototype vehicles, and clocks, while mastering high-skill construction techniques. Throughout, pupils use various tools and machines, including 3D printers and laser cutters, preparing them for future academic and practical challenges.

Innovative Projects

Solar Kiln Project

Our solar kiln initiative will enable us to season wood harvested from the Holmewood site, creating sustainable materials for ‘Holme-grown’ projects and enterprise. Children will actively participate in constructing and maintaining the kiln, gaining hands-on experience in professional construction, renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Greenpower Project:

As part of the Greenpower project, funded by the Friends of Holmewood, our children will engage in the exciting challenge of designing, constructing, and racing their own electric car. This project fosters teamwork, engineering skills, and environmental awareness, as children work together to create a competitive and eco-friendly vehicle.

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