Art at Holmewood 

Art plays a crucial role at Holmewood in fostering creativity and expression among the children. The school is filled with artwork created by our pupils, proudly displayed in various locations to celebrate their achievements. The purpose-built art room serves as a hub where children in Years 3-8 can explore their artistic talents and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

Art Integration Across Stages

In the Pre-Prep stage, art is integrated into the curriculum and taught by the form teacher. From Year 3 to Year 8, all pupils participate in a double period of art each week, taught by a specialist art teacher who is supported by an art technician. Across the school, staff work together to integrate teaching and learning projects with the Art projects each term. For example, Year 3 students made ancient Egyptian-style sarcophagi as fired clay pots while learning about Ancient Egypt in History.

Support for Aspiring Artists

For those aspiring to secure scholarships at senior schools, extended trips to galleries and additional sessions and support are provided to help them develop their portfolios. There is no limit to what our young artists can create, and their work is always astonishing!

Diverse Art Curriculum

Our diverse art curriculum includes techniques and skills such as drawing, painting, pottery, animation, photography, and textiles. Pupils also study a wide range of artists to inspire their work. The school is equipped with its own kiln, and we regularly host visiting artists to enrich the pupils’ learning experience.

At Holmewood, we believe in the power of art to inspire and empower our pupils, giving them the tools and confidence to express themselves creatively.

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