Years 5 + 6

Year 5 & 6: A Journey of Independence and Exploration

Years 5 and 6 bring exciting changes for children joining our school or moving up from Year 4. These years mark a significant increase in pupils’ independence. 

Increased Independence

From Year 5, children navigate the school independently, attending classes with specialist subject teachers in humanities, science, maths, English, French, computing & digital innovation, and DT & engineering, along with sport, music, art, and drama. Each pupil has a locker and signs in and out independently with their Form Teacher. 

Boarding Opportunities

An exciting change for Year 5 is the opportunity to board as a full, weekly, or flexi boarder. More details are on our Boarding pages. 

The Tutor System

Each child from Year 5 is assigned a Tutor for academic, social, and emotional support, meeting fortnightly to discuss concerns and celebrate successes. 

Academic Structure

In Year 5, there are sets for Maths, and pupils prepare for the ISEB Pre-Test or 11+ exams, usually taken in Autumn of Year 6. Homework is assigned four evenings a week, including sessions for reading and revision. From Year 6, pupils use laptops in most lessons, with assignments set in Microsoft Teams. Sets expand to include English, science, and humanities. 

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub becomes a daily feature, with independent access to the library catalogue for reading needs. 

Exciting Trips and Activities

Trips encourage exploration of culture, nature, collaboration, and teamwork culminating in a three-day camping trip in Year 6. 

Games sessions include team sports like hockey, netball, football, cricket, and rugby, with PE adding activities like basketball, fitness, and tennis. 

From Year 5, children engage in a carousel of enrichment activities, covering cultural enrichment, careers, finance/business, and world-readiness. The “World of Languages and Languages of the World” program offers alternatives to French, Spanish, and Classics.  


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