Prep Pastoral Care

Nurturing Relationships and Holistic Development at Holmewood

At Holmewood, we take immense pride in the strong, positive relationships between our staff and pupils. These bonds are built on warmth, respect, kindness, and care. Your child’s welfare is our top priority. We celebrate individuality and success in all its forms.

We provide various avenues for students to express their feelings, including weekly blob trees and bi-weekly one-on-one sessions with tutors. Regular check-ins throughout the day further strengthen the pupil-teacher connection. Our Student Councils and leadership opportunities ensure that every pupil’s voice is heard and needs are met.

Our robust pastoral care system includes 1:1 assigned Tutors and Heads of Year, offering additional support. We have approachable staff and therapy dogs available for comfort, and safety circles that encourage pupils to identify trusted individuals to talk to, highlighting the importance of open communication. Our unique “My Heart” curriculum enhances emotional well-being and social development, covering themes of health, well-being, relationships, and living in the wider world.

Holmewood provides on-site play therapy and counselling, as well as mental health awareness classes, recognizing the need for extra support at any stage.

With our comprehensive approach, including an engaging curriculum, supportive teachers, and diverse co-curricular activities, every child can thrive in a safe and happy environment. At Holmewood, children gain essential skills and values to face future challenges in both their academic and personal lives.

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