Prep is supervised at school (for all pupils, Day and Boarders) between 5-6pm

If Boarders have a club or extra-curricular activity which clashes with Prep, they may complete their Prep between 6-7pm in the Boarding House

Weekend mornings, homework is completed between 11.30-1pm.

Some pupils choose to have 1-1 tutors on weekend mornings, for extra help if required.

8am-4:30pm School, sport and activities (Lunch between 12.30 – 1.15pm)
4.30-5pm Snack time
5-6pm ‘Prep’, or after-school club / activity
6-7pm Boarding activities or catch up on ‘Prep’
7pm Supper; then shower and laundry duties
8pm Mobile phones allowed for calling home
8,45, 9pm, 9.15pm Staggered bedtime for Years 5, Years 6/7 and Year 8 (Later on Saturdays)
Before 1 pm Homework, music practice, swimming , relaxed activities outside or in the boarding house
After 1pm Trips on Sundays, Structured activities with a Head of Year on Saturdays
6pm Supper, then TV/Movie or games before showering


*Activity could include e.g. board games, card games, art, cooking
Monday Swimming/*Activity/Music Practice
Tuesday Outdoor / Sports Hall Activity / *Activity
Wednesday Movie Night
Thursday Outdoor/ Sports Hall Activity / *Activity / Music Practice
Friday Outdoor / Sports Hall Activity
Saturday Homework / Outdoor activity or a Trip
Sunday Swimming / Music Practice / Trip


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