House System

Discover the Holmewood House System

At Holmewood, our House system is a cornerstone of pride and community spirit. Every pupil and staff member belongs to one of our six houses: Ash, Beech, Cedar, Cob, Oak, or Yew, each named after trees in our beautiful grounds.

Fostering Community Spirit and Student Leadership

From Years 3 to 8, pupils and staff gather regularly for House Assemblies, nurturing a strong sense of camaraderie. Our Year 2 children join the Prep School weekly for these lively House meetings. Throughout the year, various events spark friendly competition, including singing contests, cross-country races, tug-of-war, dance competitions, and our much-anticipated sports days. Houses also organise their own events such as charity days to raise money.

The whole system is student led and House Leaders are selected from the current year 8. Along with the other House officials in the year group, they are responsible for motivating and organising the House teams, formulating the House Assemblies and reporting on the successes to their own community.

Celebrating Achievements

To reward achievement and effort, we award House Points for good work, positive attitudes, courteous behaviour, and diligently carrying out duties. These points contribute to the House Cup, awarded weekly and at the end of each term to the House with the highest points, celebrating the collective achievements of its members.

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