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“I like living with my friends and the independence allows me to feel more confident.

Year 8 Boarder

Every possible boarding option is provided. We offer full boarding, weekly. and flexi boarding – which makes our boarding house  a fun, busy and happy environment. Children from a wide variety of nationalities live alongside children whose families live in London, or more locally.  Parents can book their children in for a single night as a one-off or regular nights throughout the week.

Holmewood seeks to develop the whole child, by addressing what we consider to be the important facets of a rounded education which prepare children for life after Holmewood and this is particularly true within the boarding environment. We provide an environment for children in which they can achieve as individuals but at the same time we celebrate the differences between them, so that no child feels disadvantaged. Boarding at Holmewood is in essence about care, kindness, support and building positive relationships. We want our boarders to have fulfilled, successful and happy lives.

Boarders frequently describe boarding at Holmewood in terms of being a “home from home” and “a community.”

Boarding is not simply fun but a great experience and a superb preparation for life after Holmewood, whether this be at a boarding or a day senior school. With more parents opting for the boarding choice, it is absolutely vital that children are prepared for life away from home before they move on at the end of Year 8. Without fail, those who have boarded at Holmewood settle into their new senior boarding schools far better than those who chose not to.

For further information, please contact our Boarding Housemaster Mr Kevin O’Riordan –

Boarding House

The boys’ and girls’ dormitories are in the Mansion House on the first floor with excellent views of the Kent and Sussex countryside. Children board with friends from their year groups in dormitories which sleep up to eight. There are three boys’ dormitories and three girls’ dormitories with further room for expansion. All dormitories are self-contained with bunk beds and wardrobes and boarders are encouraged to bring photos and posters to decorate their rooms.

The House acts as an extension of the child’s family. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere which provides a happy and structured environment for boarders. The behaviour of both children and staff is based upon kindness, tolerance and respect. Boarding gives children a chance to make even greater use of the school’s extensive facilities and beautiful location. A busy and fun-filled activity programme throughout the whole week gives boarders time to enjoy each other’s company and build relationships that will stand the test of time.

A typical day in the life of a boarder:

7.00a.m. Wake Up
7.30a.m. Breakfast
8.00a.m. School
4.30p.m. End of Games
4.45p.m. Tea
5.00p.m. Prep
6.00p.m. Free time or Activities
7.00p.m. Supper
7.30p.m. Finish prep, study or free time
8.15p.m.  Showers
8.30p.m. onwards  Lights out depending on age group

Pastoral Care of the Boarders

Holmewood has a long history of boarding and believes that the community atmosphere of the school is greatly enhanced by the presence of boarders.

Boarding is offered to those children who wish to full board, weekly board or flexi board. Boarders are seen as an integral part of life at school; they represent the heart of the school. We have a dedicated team of boarding staff whose pastoral work is essential to maintaining the smooth running of the boarding community and to enhance the quality of life of the children whilst they are in school.

Boarders are provided with excellent meals each day with plenty of choice when boarding. Drinks and snacks are also readily available at various times during the day and evening. Pastoral support is provided through the house team, class teachers, Housemasters/mistresses and Heads of Years as well as the medical team in the medical centre. In addition we have our own school counsellor. At Holmewood  we also pay much attention to ‘pupil voice’ through house meetings, form periods and committees.