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Nursery Curriculum Early Years’ Foundation Stage

The staff in the Early Years Foundation stage are passionate about our Early Years’ vision and what it stands for. We believe our vision is embedded in our everyday practise within our environment, both indoors in our airy classrooms as well as the outside learning environment and our extensive school grounds.

All of our classes throughout the Early Years, follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This Nursery curriculum covers 7 areas of development, catering for the different age bands that are developmental, allowing for individual progress, from birth to 5 years of age.

Please note: all children attending classes within our EYFS are eligible for the F.E.E.E from the start of the term following their third Birthday until they turn five. (A child receives funding for the term in which they have their fifth birthday)

The children have directed teaching times: a focus activity – which is mostly topic or skill related, a phonics lesson and a maths lesson. All of these lessons are cross curricular linked as much as possible to make their learning “real “. The children enjoy a good balance of teacher directed time with their own child initiated time, where we encourage them to use the skills they have learnt at Nursery, independently, either inside or outside. The outside learning environment is an extension of our classrooms and we use our wonderful learning garden as well as the extensive school grounds during our weekly forest school excursions.

Children in Nursery benefit from specialist teachers delivering extra lessons in French, music, PE and swimming every week, which enhances our wider curriculum.

By the time the children have come through our Nursery, we hope they will be creative and inquisitive little beings who make links between their learning and have the confidence to always “have a go”, but most of all, enjoy achieving what they have set out to do.