Pre-Prep Curriculum,  in Years 1 and 2, we continue to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum and to build upon the excellent work started in the Early Years.

While the National Curriculum is our starting point, we enhance this by affording children as many learning opportunities as possible to develop their imaginations, creativity, teamwork and independence. With visits to Bodiam Castle, Herstmonceux, our local library and the theatre, the children’s breadth of knowledge is further expanded. Literacy and Mathematics are both taught as stand-alone subjects and, where appropriate, in a cross-curricular way, with ICT being developed through these subjects, along with Science, Art, French, History, Geography, Music, PE, Swimming and Games. Our curriculum aims to teach children the skills of perseverance and determination by providing suitable challenge. Through activities such as the Pre-Prep orchestra and dramatic performances, they are taught to consider the opinions of others and work collaboratively.

Years 1 & 2 have weekly PE and swimming lessons. Each group has games on a designated afternoon

A dedicated full-time Music teacher teaches all the children in Years 1 & 2. Many children start individual instrument lessons from Year 1 and there is a Pre-Prep orchestra for the children when they reach an appropriate standard. There are several annual concerts and drama productions, which take place in the Jubilee Theatre.

With a love of learning the children are then ready to continue their onward journey into the Prep School.