Scholarship & Bursaries

We would really like to meet aspirational children who demonstrate outstanding ability or potential in the following areas:

• Academic

• Sport

• Music

• Drama

• Art

• All-Rounder (Academic plus two other disciplines)

Children may be assessed for a Scholarship in the academic year prior to them entering Year 3 (7+) or Year 7 (11+). Only academic assessments may be undertaken at 7+.
Where a child falls just short of the ability levels required, an Exhibition may be awarded.
Expected levels of performance are high and there is likely to be considerable competition for Awards e.g. Academic Scholarships are likely to be awarded to children achieving standardised scores of 135+.
To register for a place at our next Scholarship Day, please contact Mrs Connie Cherrett

Scholarships and Exhibitions are available to both prospective and current pupils and a percentage of Scholarships or Exhibitions will be awarded to internal candidates each year.

The Governors of Holmewood House are committed to broadening access to the school by offering means-tested financial support with school fees to eligible parents. This support is known as a Bursarial Award and such an award may be offered to parents of children who have been awarded a Scholarship or Exhibition following evidence of outstanding ability or potential in various areas of school life but for whom, in the absence of financial support, would not be in a position to access a Holmewood education.

Children who are awarded a Scholarship or Exhibition, but whose parents have sufficient means to pay full fees, will receive a one-off financial award in recognition of their achievement – £2000 for a Scholarship and £1000 for an Exhibition, which will be deducted from their child’s first term of fees. In order to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission, bursaries are means-tested. The assessment of need is undertaken by an external company to ensure transparency and fairness. This company will, following their assessment, make a recommendation to the school for their consideration. Bursaries are offered for twelve months at a time after which time the family is required to provide fresh information about their circumstances for every year that their child attends the school. Levels of support may vary with fluctuations in income.

Entitled Concessions

  • Sibling 5% for a third child
  • 15% for a fourth child
  • Old Holmewoodian 5%