Autumn Term 2018 – Friday 7th September – Saturday 8th December
Half term – Monday 22nd October – Monday 5th November
*Please note no lesson on Friday 9th November (school fireworks) and no lesson on Saturday 1st December (school Christmas fair)

These classes are for 4 year olds and will introduce the younger children to the pool environment in a fun way and aim to build up water confidence. They will be taught how to swim using various buoyancy aids, learn to jump in and also learn about safety in the pool environment.


Introducing inexperienced swimmers to the water. This class will aim to develop water confidence by playing games, moving around the pool freely, getting their faces wet, blowing bubbles underwater and learn to swim on their front and backs with a buoyancy aid. By the completion of this level they should be able to float without buoyancy aids and swim 2 metres without the use of aids. Water safety questions are covered also.


Children will be encouraged to push and glide both on their front and back and aim to swim 5 metres by the end of this level without the use of buoyancy aids. They will continue working on developing underwater skills such as submerging and identifying objects underwater. Mushroom floating will be taught as well as developing more water safety awareness.


More emphasis is put upon developing the leg kick of the three main strokes; frontcrawl, backcrawl and breaststroke, whilst holding a float. Dolphin kicking is introduced. More work is done on pushing and gliding. Swimmers should be able to swim 10 metres of a recognised stroke at the end of this level.


Experimenting with various floating techniques, sequences and sculling. Water safety awareness is continued. The initial practices for diving are also taught at this level.


An introduction to deeper water. Treading water will be taught and water safety topics are discussed. Distances swum will be increased to 15 metres on both front and back. More pre-diving practices will be worked on, including handstands, as well as more floating techniques. Dolphin kicking will be practised.


The children are introduced to swimming with a T shirt on as well as learning basic rescue techniques. The strokes are developed further by learning correct finishes for each stroke as well as introducing underwater swimming.


Rope throwing for rescuing swimmers in difficulty is taught together with treading water in a T shirt. Surface dives are taught at this level and the distances swum are lengthened. Sculling both head and feet first are covered. Children should be able to swim 25 metres competently by the end of this level.


A reaching rescue will be taught together with jumping in and swimming 10 metres in a T shirt. Swimmers will be encouraged to swim 50 metres on their front. They should also be able to perform bilateral frontcrawl breathing. Swimming with surface dives and underwater swimming will be developed further. Basic kneeling dives will be introduced. Racing starts for the three main strokes, turns and swimming longer distances using a variety of strokes are all part of this level. There is emphasis on swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Bronze Challenge:

This class can be attended once Level 8 has been completed. Children should be able to swim 400m using good technique in at least two strokes. Further work on stroke development takes place as well as a variety of skills such as treading water and swimming underwater.

Silver Challenge:

Children should have completed the Bronze Challenge prior to starting this class. Activities include a timed swim over 4 lengths and various skills including surface dives and sculling and a swim of 800m using a variety of strokes.

Gold Challenge:

Children must have completed the Silver Challenge prior to starting this class. Two timed swims of 100m and 800m take place together with a variety of skills including sculling, treading water and somersaults.

Honours Challenge:

Swimmers must have completed the Gold Challenge prior to starting this class. A timed swim over 40 lengths in 20 minutes to include 2 head first and two feet first dives and swimming through hoops under water plus various skill sequences are attempted.

At all levels a continuing emphasis is placed upon developing correct techniques for all strokes.

Swim Clinic:

Swim Clinic is designed to help children work on specific strokes or skills in Levels 4-8 that a child may be struggling with.


The Rookie Lifeguard programme will inspire and embolden your child, helping them keep themselves, their friends and their family safe in the water through a range of fun activities that lead towards a series of awards. Children can attend from completing Level 8 onwards. From these classed children can move into competitive lifesaving, or becoming a fully qualified lifeguard.

Water Polo:

The Mini Polo programme involves learning the basics of Water Polo sport from movement, shooting and passing to more complex skills and technique. Children can attend from completing Level 8 onwards. From this class children can move on to more competitive water polo.

Advanced Swimming:

This class is for children who may not want to commit to the demands of swimming clubs, and will teach children competitive starts, tumble turns, takeovers and finishes. Children can attend from completing Gold onwards.

1:1 Coaching

Holmewood House Swim School offer 1:1 lessons on a regular basis or as a one off to help the children complete the swimming classes as efficiently as possible. These lessons cost £18 per 30 min session. Please contact us for more information.