There is much more to a great education than goes on in the classroom. Holmewood not only recognises this view but embraces it wholeheartedly and offers an extensive and varied activities programme for girls and boys throughout the school as an integral part of the school day and a child’s wider education. The children select their own activities each term from an extensive list which changes according to the season, the skills and interests of the staff and requests from the children themselves. Everyone in the prep. school has two activity sessions a week and the children are always encouraged to try something new and often this can become their latest ‘best ever’. Traditional favourites are regularly refreshed and renewed by the staff and there is always something for everyone. Holmewood makes full use of its own extensive and beautiful grounds but also takes children off-site for specialist activities.

From our youngest to our most senior pupils, the aim is the same; to offer a broad range of stimulating opportunities that allow the children to gain exciting experiences, to enjoy time with their friends and make new ones, to develop the confidence to branch out, to learn new skills, unearth untapped talents and, importantly, to have fun while doing so. Happy and engaged children, inside and outside the classroom, is what a great school is all about.

The Activities Programme at Holmewood is not carved in stone and is constantly evolving but recent and current activities include

Eco- WarriorsYoung ExplorersCookeryTechShootingSwimmingFootball (boys/girls)
Cricket (boys/girls)Cross-CountryDebatingPublic SpeakingBlack & White Movie ClubMandarinBook Club
Puzzling ClubGolfRugby SevensGymMindfulnessScience Club Lego Technics
AthleticsCraftSquashBoardgamesSpeed-stackingChessLawn Games
Computer GraphicsComputer ProgrammingModern DanceBalletPhilosophyTable TennisTennis

Drama and Musical Drama (recent productions have included A Christmas Carol, Pot of Gold & Bugsy)