Mr Parker shortlisted for Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year 2023

Congratulations to Mr Parker, who was shortlisted from thousands of nominations to be Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year 2023!

The Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Awards recognise and reward music teachers who have made a real difference to the musical lives of young people.

When nominating him, here’s what his colleagues said!

“Mr Parker’s impact as a music teacher for the younger children (3-7 years) is truly extraordinary, often earning him ‘hero’ status amongst the youngest. His ability to connect with children on their level and create a sense of awe and wonder is commendable.”

“By infusing his lessons with lovely sounds and interactive activities, he creates an engaging learning environment where children are excited to participate and learn. The children come back buzzing after his lessons.”

“Mr Parker’s quickness to grab his guitar and accompany his students adds an extra layer of magic to his teaching. The spontaneous musical compliment creates an interactive experience for children. Playing the guitar alongside his students, he not only enhances their musical learning but also fosters a sense of collaboration and connection. The children feel a deep sense of engagement and involvement as they witness their teacher’s enthusiasm and skill in action.”

“One of Mr Parker’s remarkable achievements is his ability to orchestrate productions which bring out the children’s enthusiasm and fun…These productions become a celebration of children’s creativity, allowing them to shine and instilling in them a sense of pride and accomplishment. In productions he has a never-ending positive attitude, and a big vision for what the children will manage to do.”

Well done Mr Parker – we are very proud of you and the work you do to inspire our pupils.

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