Children have the opportunity to take part in  drama Drama as part of their curriculum as well as being involved with activities and productions.

Drama lessons usually begin with an introduction to its meaning and brief historical context. Much work is done on physical control, flexibility, spatial awareness and timing. Mime is the vehicle by which many aspects of Drama are first encountered. Facial expression, body language, gesture are all considered as ways of expressing emotion.

Role-play is used extensively in lessons where children will learn to use body language and movement to create, interpret and sustain character in various situations. Emphasis is placed on the importance of voice projection, pitch, pace and tone of voice and also the use of pause for effect.

Gradually, the use of props is introduced and various topics, titles and stimuli are given each lesson to experiment with, develop and consolidate skills learnt. The use of scripts is introduced, starting with extracts from plays, monologues and duologues.

After school Drama activities include musical theatre, LAMDA and fun creative Drama. Holmewood House has been registered as a centre for LAMDA examinations. Each year pupils have the opportunity to take examinations in acting and we are hoping to introduce public speaking examinations.