At Holmewood, we strongly believe that through art, children can develop the ability to understand and express themselves more fully. Our aim is for the children to have an imaginative and enjoyable experience whilst learning about and having an appreciation for different styles, genres and techniques.

Children should enjoy and feel part of the creative process, wherever they are in terms of personal ability, and should not feel in any way limited.

Above all, the child should be absorbed by the subject, engrossed in what they are doing, and proud of their achievements at whatever ability level they have attained.

The children will be taught a wide variety of the necessary skills through which they can communicate their ideas. Children should be able to assimilate their knowledge and be able to put into practice their own ideas from a variety of starting points in a confident and coherent way. This may take place in a range of ways e.g. through the observation and recording of information in sketchbooks, through digital photography or discussion. The child will also be involved in collaborative work where there is a dynamic exchange of ideas between peers, and where mutual agreement must be sought.

The child will be introduced to a variety of different media: painting and drawing; printmaking, fabric and thread work; the construction of installations and projects based on concepts; three-dimensional studies using ceramics and mixed media. The use of ICT is incorporated alongside all of the above mentioned disciplines. Children will be encouraged to develop self-reliance and to discriminate in the use of materials used in projects. The teaching of art can assist in the development of fine motor skills, coordination and practical dexterity.