Pastoral Care

Holmewood House provides unsurpassed pastoral provision, which we are incredibly proud of. Our approach to pastoral care is proactive and consistent. Children require and sometimes actively seek out guidance and support, and always require love and care.

The responsibility for this essential, continuous support is shared amongst every member of staff – a responsibility they carry with pride and dedication. We also pride ourselves not only on the continued presence of pastoral support, but on its level of quality and the difference this makes to the lives of the young people in our care. Our staff will go to great lengths to ensure every child knows they are supported through any challenge they may face, and to help them overcome those obstacles in a healthy, constructive way.

The first line of pastoral provision is provided by form teachers, with the support of excellent  teaching assistants for the younger year groups. Housemasters and Housemistresses are also responsible for the pastoral provision of children in their House, ensuring an extra level of support once your child has been allocated to their House.

Houses are the community core of our school. While our pastoral provision is provided in year groups and forms, the House System underscores the key aspects of collegiality, cooperation, and collaboration. These qualities and characteristics form part of our whole school values, and the House provides a platform to put them into practice. Each of our Houses is led by an experienced staff member, providing continuity as a pupil makes their way through their Holmewood journey.

Children in Year 8 support the younger pupils as part of the Buddy System and are often introduced at House Meetings. There is a healthy level of competition between Houses as they compete for the House Cup each year – which is a culmination of all competitions from sporting events to academic stars. Each House has their own charity – chosen by the children – which they support through fun days, competitions, and bake sales. Each pupil at Holmewood House is proud of their House, and their respective houses are proud of them.

We employ a qualified School Counsellor (Well-Being Lead) who offers counselling to children and parents of Holmewood House School. Our Learning Strategies Department plays a key role in helping to ensure that Holmewood House School is a fully inclusive, vibrant, educational environment. We see the positive impact of our pastoral provision every day, and we know that when you ask our pupils “Do you think that your school values you?” that every child will have plenty of positive things to say in response. If a child feels valued, safe, appropriately challenged and trusts the adults caring for them then we are most likely to see them thrive and enjoy everything that is wonderful about childhood.

We would be delighted to hear from you and invite you to contact us for any queries you may have. You can reach us on 01892 860000, via email at or by filling out this contact form to request a callback.