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Course Descriptions & Timetables


Age 7+

Movie Monsters – earn some of the principles of character design and animation to create your own mini plasticine monster; write a short scenario and learn how to create a short stop motion movie. STOP


Age 9+

Stop Motion Animation to learn some of the principles of character design and animation to create your own character; write a short scenario and learn how to create a short stop motion movie.


Age 7+

A fun exploration into painting and drawing, including self-portrait, landscape and a dabble into abstract art. We hold an exhibition at the end of the course for parents to come and see what the children have achieved. The AM and PM course will be the same, so please do not book both.


8+ yrs

Athletics including track and field events.


Age 5-7 Age 7+

Get hands-on and learn new skills in the kitchen with Joy Neal from ‘Bake Me Happy’. You’ll create delicious baked treats to take home and share with your family, plus at each session you’ll make some fresh, homemade snacks or drinks to enjoy while you bake. Please bring an apron or wear clothes that can get messy, and bring a container to take your treats home in. The AM and PM course will be the same, so please do not book both.


Age 7+

This is a game of skill rather than strength; a mixed activity for boys and girls to develop the important skills of running, jumping, change of speed and direction, handling a ball, and shooting at a target.


Age 9+ An introduction to beekeeping with Mr Preston and the Holmewood bees. The course will cover the basics of bee biology, the life cycle of the bee, the bee season, the components of a bee hive and tools used in the apiary. Weather permitting we will spend two afternoons in the school apiary opening up one or more hives. We will also sample the honey produced by the bees! Bee suits and gloves will be provided. You will need wellington boots as well, this is really important – no wellies then no bees! The course is not suitable for anyone who is allergic to bee stings as there is always a chance that you might get stung.


Cycling Proficiency

7-9 yrs Bikeability

1. This fun off road course develops your child’s bike control skills and confidence through cycle games and activities. Children also learn to use their gears efficiently, share space with other riders and develop signalling skills in preparation for Bikeability 2 if they wish to do this course in year 6. All children receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course and their Bikeability 1 badge on achievement of all the skills.


5-7 yrs

Create a mood board to design your headdress. Make your own tissue paper flowers and leaves, attach these with feathers and pom poms to the headress. Finally add some ribbon and extra sparkly decorations. NOW GO AND DAZZLE IN THE SUNSHINE! If time allows, a tissue tassel wand will also be made.


5-7 yrs

Create a mood board to design your four tiles. Make your tiles which are then sealed and little felt feet are added. YOU HAVE CREATED FOUR FABULOUS TILES TO PLACE ON YOUR DESK OR BESIDE TABLE!


5-7 yrs

Create a mood board to plan the pattern and style of your painting. Once your masterpiece is complete, you will cut your chosen shapes from your paintint and stick onto an A2 sheet. TA-DA YOUR PAINTED MASTERPIECE IS READY TO BE ADMIRED BY ALL!


8+ yrs

All elements of the game will be taught. Batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding drills will help develop basic skills. Small games, net sessions and group work. This will be soft ball in the 8+ group and hard ball in the 10+ group.


Age 7+

‘Light’s camera action’: Learn how to act in front of the camera, learn how to direct and edit your own film. At the end of the course, sit back, relax and watch your films in our very own cinema viewing! Popcorn will be provided!


Age 8+

Ever wondered what makes an aeroplane fly? Or what keeps a helicopter up? Come and experience a world of flight and learn how aeroplanes work. Each day you will experiment with different types of aircraft and understand how they fly! Day 1. The theory of flight and paper aeroplane control surface experimentation, Day 2. Soar with the birds with Glider flight, Day 3. Evolve into powered flight with elastic powered aircraft, Day 4. Corkscrew into the air with helicopters This course will require the use of small part and sharp tools, so a degree of dexterity and maturity is required.


5-7 yrs & 8+ yrs

Participants will be put through their paces by our experienced coach, Andy Waterman, practising a range of drills to develop skills in control, dribbling, passing, shooting, goal-keeping and tactical awareness. Football boots if your child wishes, but trainers will suffice as there should be little give in the playing surface, shin pads and a bottle of water are required for this course. Please consider the weather conditions and provide your child with sun block/rain proof jacket.


Age 4-6 (Nursery – Yr 1)

We will sing, dance, play French games, read stories, make some craft and learn new words in French


5-7 yrs & 8+ yrs

Former Olympian Natalie Davies leads this course for both boys and girls, from beginners to intermediate levels. Children learn basic floor skills, incorporating co-ordination skills to enhance body control, balance and rolling moves. Rebounding skills will be taught, enabling children to use the vault.


Age 5-9

Learn some stick skills, passing, running with the ball and shooting. Please wear shin pads.


8+ yrs

The Spitfire vs the ME109, a true dog fighting duo! Spend the week creating accurate plastic scale models of these most iconic fighter aeroplanes. Day 1. Spitfire construction pt 1, Day 2. Spitfire construction pt 2 and finishing, Day 3. ME109 construction pt 1, Day 4. ME109 construction pt 2 and finishing If you attended this course last year, please speak with Mrs Masterson upon booking. This course will require the use of small parts and sharp tools, so a degree of dexterity and maturity is required.


8+ yrs

Mosaic for kids is a wonderful craft where they can explore a different medium, teaching them dexterity, creativity, independence and self-confidence. They’re creating something completely unique and it will last a life time. Come and have some fun. EXPLORE. CREATE. INSPIRE!


Age 7+

This summer we bring the ‘West end’ to Holmewood House school. Focusing on singing, dance and drama from all of your favourite musicals such as Mama Mia, Annie, Matilda, We will Rock you, and many more. We are lucky this year to have our very own Mr Brackenborough who has many years’ experience working in the theatre business as a performer, agent and producer.


5-7 yrs

Always a popular course with a range of sports, games and activities. Children will discover new skills as they play include hockey, rounders, basketball and fitness circuits.


7-9 yrs & 9+ yrs

Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced player, you will gain from this course. We will help with all aspects of this popular game and promote fitness and working together with your team.


3-5 yrs

The Play Scheme runs each week throughout the holiday course programme in the mornings from Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Children will be accepted on a first come first served basis, up to a maximum of 15 children. Children can now only be enrolled for the whole week, not for individual days. The Play Scheme is run by members of Holmewood House Nursery and Pre-Prep staff.

SUGARCRAFT Rag Doll Modelling

9+ yrs

The children will make a large fully dressed ragdoll from sugarpaste. The doll is large sitting at around 5.5″ high and very detailed. The children will use a variety of techniques in order to make the doll and dress it in the colour of choice.

SUGARCRAFT Basic Cake Decorating Skills + Teddy Topper

9+ yrs

On this course the children will learn how to level and split a Madeira cake and then fill the cake with buttercream before covering the cake (and cake board) with sugarpaste using smoothers to give a professional finish. They will also make a sugar teddy model and other decorations of their choice to complete the cake design.

SUGARCRAFT Burger and Chips

9+ yrs

On this course the children will learn how to split a Madeira cake into 3 sections and then decorate the all sections in the style of a burger, including making lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese – as and chips – from sugarpaste.

SUGARCRAFT Lego Cake and topper

9+ yrs

The children will make a Lego brick shaped cake on a cake board and top it with handmade Lego figures.


9 + yrs

The children will make a wooden stump cake on a covered cake board, complete with woodland animals using a variety of techniques.


4.5+ yrs

See separate swim levels and programme details. We offer you the chance to see how your child has progressed during their swim course by allowing you to come and watch them on their final day. Please bring your child to their lesson as normal and then remain in the Jubilee Theatre. This allows them enough time to get changed and into the pool.


5-7 yrs 8+ yrs

The school’s four all-weather courts make it possible to provide instruction to children of different abilities. Players are grouped according to age and ability, and instruction with a qualified coach will cover all aspects of the game.


9+ yrs

Sawing, Sanding, Drilling and Gluing. The children will enjoy pure woodwork. No curriculum, just fun.