Religious Studies

Religious Studies is taught throughout the school and in Year 7 and 8 this is encompassed within the Enriched Humanities programme. The scholarship class follows the Common Entrance syllabus in Years 6 and 7 and in Year 8 tackle more moral, ethical and philosophical considerations.p questions.

The content of the Religious Studies syllabus is mainly Christian, with the emphasis on the Bible. However, in depth studies of other World Faiths, form part of the curriculum. In Year 5 Judaism is studied, which includes a visit to the Jewish Museum, in North London. In Year 6 it is Hinduism, which includes a visit to the Neasden Mandir and in Year 7 Islam, with a visit to Regent’s Park Mosque and the Islamic Cultural Centre. Local churches are also visited, as is Canterbury Cathedral, as part of the Enriched Humanities programme.

We truly believes that it is right for our children to be as fully informed as possible in this subject. It is also an important part of their understanding of the ever changing World around them.

Religious Studies will aim to equip the children with sufficient knowledge to be, both understanding and tolerant, as well as, allowing them to be in possession of a vital part of their heritage.