Children, as they grow, should learn a sense of their identity. Secondly they should gain an appreciation of their cultural heritage. Their curiosity should be aroused about the different beliefs, opinions and customs of others. It is hoped that respectful, tolerant attitudes will then be adopted as a result. Furthermore, an insight into the past should give a useful perspective in understanding some of the problems of the modern world.

At Holmewood, children will discover, investigate, understand, learn, recall, express, communicate, compare, analyse and argue about the ideas, events, characters and conditions of the past. Various forms of evidence are introduced to stimulate the imagination of as many children as possible. They are encouraged ultimately to question what they read, see and hear. In order to build on a child’s sense of time and sequence topics here are covered broadly in a chronological order.

Up to Year 5 pupils are taught for at least one hour a week. Years 6 to 8 study the subject for about one and a half hours a week. Most of the units have important cross-curricular links with other subjects, as befits a humanity. Resources available include a school Library and access to ICT material, which are both used to help research.

The school arranges for year groups to go on outside educational visits to relevant sites. The school is fortunate at present to employ a number of teachers with a History degree and boasts a published school archivist. It also hosts from time to time professional visitors who recreate an atmosphere of their period and give children the opportunity for ‘hands-on’ experience of artefacts.