The aim of geography at Holmewood is to stimulate children’s interest in their surroundings and in the variety of physical and human conditions on the Earth’s surface. As a result of their work it is hoped that children will develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of mankind on the planet.

From years 3 – 6 the focus is on developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to people, places and environments at different scales, locally, in the United Kingdom and overseas and the use and value of maps to provide a sound locational framework.

This part of the geography course provides the foundation for the final 2 years in which children study a variety of physical and human topics which includes weather, landform processes, population, transport and industry. Case studies are used from both developed and developing countries to provide variety and balance, and to foster an appreciation of how people adapt to their environment, and the fact that some people have greater wealth and technical resources than others. For all but the scholarship class, pupils in year 7 and 8 follow a new enriched humanities programme in which our children produce a series of assignments which are skills based and focus on research and presentation skills. There is an extensive programme of school trips which are planned to enhance our children’s learning.

Fieldwork is an integral part of the subject throughout the school. Investigations into  micro-climates around the school, a comparative settlement study and the problems of coastal erosion are undertaken and pupils carry out an extended geographical investigation in the local area.

It is hoped that children will leave Holmewood with a solid foundation of geographical skills and knowledge and that their enjoyment of the subject may result in them wanting to pursue geography to GCSE and beyond at their senior schools.