Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Holmewood is a unique and very exciting part of the curriculum, not always present in other Prep schools. The DT department boasts a large classroom for designing, researching, planning, modelling and evaluating, and also an even larger workshop for construction. The workshop has modern machinery such as a Laser Cutter sitting alongside traditional machinery like fretsaws and pillar drills.

The children start to use the facilities as young as Year 1 but more formally in Years 3 up to year 8. The DT curriculum is broad and balanced in content and varied in time allocation depending on the year group. Design and Technology is also taught by way of after school ‘Activities’.

If a pupil shows a particular leaning towards the subject, and their prospective Senior School has the option, then a Design and Technology Scholarship may be applied for. The work in the Scholarship class is deeper in content and introduces Electronics and 3D Printer.