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(What’s worth reading, is worth reading over and over)

Horace, Ars Poetica

The Classics department at Holmewood ensures that Latin and Greek are taught in a fun and stimulating manner, whilst retaining the highest linguistic and syntactical standards.

The department aims to provide a challenging and rewarding curriculum and provide sturdy foundations for further study. Both Latin and Greek are firmly placed in their historical context and the department makes a point of drawing upon original texts to provide examples and further understanding of linguistic usage. All linguistic and historical work is supported by a well-stocked departmental library. Timetable allocation for both languages is generous, a further indication of Holmewood’s commitment to Classics.

A tailor-made Latin course, developed by the department, is followed by all pupils from Year 5 and this is taken forward in Year 6 when the Common Entrance syllabus is begun; a separate programme is followed by the scholarship programme, which also has the option to take Greek.