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Year 1


  • Naming and recognising plants in our environment
  • Identifying the parts of a plant and making comparisons – similarities and differences
  • Simple plant investigations to investigate what they need to survive
  • Understanding that different parts of some plants are edible

Year 2

Autumn Term

Explore where materials come from

Make predictions and begin to draw conclusions when carrying out an investigation

Spring Term


  • Identify ‘push’, ‘pull’ and ‘twist’ as forces
  • Identify these forces in their own environment
  • Investigate the effects of push, pull and twist
  • Learn how pushing, pulling and twisting change materials including how they make things start, stop, speed up, slow down and change direction
  • Learn about a range of forces which are at work in the world.

Use charts and graphs to record and retrieve information

Improve skills of scientific enquiry including both practical skills and critical thought

Summer Term

Animals, plants and habitats

  • Revise, discuss and recognize whether things are alive, dead or have never lived
  • Investigate and recognise different habitats and begin to understand how they provide for the basic needs of animals and plants
  • Identify different plants and animals from local environments and recognize that they are suited to their different habitats
  • Understand that animals get their food from other animals and/or from plants
  • Recognise that a food chain is made of a series of plants and animals that eat each other.