PSHCE & Religious Education

Year 1

Autumn Term

Weekly circle time celebrating British values and diversity

Year 1 friendship wall

Religious festivals from around the world


Spring Term

Weekly circle time focus on caring and sharing

Religious Festivals around the World

Kindness Tree



Summer Term

Working well together

Miracles and healing

Other people are special too

Caring for myself

Caring for others

Keeping safe

Looking forward


Year 2

Autumn Term

Weekly circle time learning about God

  • Who he is for Christians
  • Who he is for Jews
  • Who he is for Muslims

Considering Man’s need for faith, and why and how we need to remember historical events

Celebrating British values and diversity

Developing independence and responsibility


Spring Term

Learn that people have some stories and texts which they hold as sacred

Learn how different faiths respect and use their sacred texts

Learn about the sacred texts for Christians, Jews and Muslims

Learn some of the parables told by Jesus


Summer Term

Learn about the role of food in different faiths

Learn about a range of celebrations

  • Christian
  • Jewish
  • Muslim

Taking responsibility and independence

Respect, fairness, sharing and telling the truth.