Year 1

Autumn Term

Numbers to 20 (represented accurately and confidently)

Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)

Place Value Number bonds to 5 and 10 (including addition and subtraction facts)

Addition & Subtraction

2D shapes

Doubles to 10

Problem solving

Comparing length Measuring with non-standard units (hands, feet etc.)

Counting in 10s, 5s and 2s

Position and direction

Money – coin recognition and basic addition

Spring Term

Number and place value

Addition and subtraction including money

Properties of shape

Multiplication and division


Number – fractions

Summer Term

Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction including money

Multiplication and Division

Position and Direction

Measurement – Length and Height

2D and 3D Shapes

Year 2

Autumn Term

Write numbers to 100

Compare/order numbers, including =

Place value

Addition and subtraction

Properties of shapes

Introduce multiplication and division – 2/5/10

Use standard units to measure length/height

Position and direction

Tell and write the time

Fractions of shapes and numbers

Problem solving, including fractions.

Spring Term

Writing numbers to 100 in words and digits

Extending understanding of the number system up to 999

Addition and subtraction of numbers – tu +/- u, tu +/- round tens

Discuss, develop and extend mental maths strategies

Weekly times tables tests covering times and division

Problem-solving including money

Telling the time including quarter past and quarter to

2D and 3D shapes and links between them

Extending understanding of fractions of shapes and numbers

Summer Term

Number and place value including all four mathematical operations.

Measurement – volume, capacity and time

Geometry, position and direction.

Problem solving including two-step problems

Statistics and data handling

Fractions of shapes and numbers