Exciting Boarding Packages

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For as little as £6,880 per term (2015-2016) your child could
board 5 nights per week (8am Monday to 1pm Saturday)

For as little as £500 per term your child can spend 15
nights at Holmewood.

Full board and lodging, free evening activities included!

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Senior School (Years 7 & 8)

Head of Senior School: Kevin O’RiordanHead of Senior School:
Kevin O’Riordan

The majority of pupils stay to take Common Entrance or Scholarship entry exams to senior independent schools at 13+.

There are enormous advantages in staying at Holmewood House through the last two years of prep school. Our Year 7 & 8 pupils mature into well-rounded young people, more confident and socially aware, and better equipped at 13 to face the rigours and demands of senior schools, than they are at 11.

Holmewood offers tremendous opportunities and different experiences to the senior pupils. Reaching the top of a school affords a great sense of achievement ~ why jump ship before the final destination is reached?

Year 7 Entry

Please click here to read about joining Holmewood in Year 7.

Our pupils and parents say...

“I don’t really think you can fully enjoy everything Holmewood has to offer unless you stay until Year 8.”

“Of all the years I spent at Holmewood, Years 7 & 8 were certainly the best, the most rewarding and the most fun.”

Year 8 leavers

“What are the benefits of staying for those final years? I would pick out the opportunity and challenge of leadership, the comfort of maturing and developing relationships in a safe and familiar environment, more adventurous and personality-developing school trips, the fun of being involved more in the running of the school, the increased importance and competitive nature of the sporting fixtures, the pride and success of the plays which take on a more professional feel, the appreciation of status, the challenge of Common Entrance which forms a strong base for national exams to come...”

Parent of Year 8 leavers

"Pupils have a strong understanding of right and wrong."
ISI Inspection Report 2017

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