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For as little as £6,880 per term (2015-2016) your child could
board 5 nights per week (8am Monday to 1pm Saturday)

For as little as £500 per term your child can spend 15
nights at Holmewood.

Full board and lodging, free evening activities included!

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School Council

The aim of the School Council at Holmewood is to encourage pupils to discuss any issues that they would like to concerning school life. The School Council meets twice a term and there are representatives from all forms in Years 5-8.  Form Reps are chosen by the pupils in each form and a new Rep is chosen each term.

Matter discussed vary widely: food, sport, uniform, school trips are just some of the more popular topics which arise. In the week leading up to School Council meetings, each form discusses matters with their Form Teacher and the Rep brings a summary to the meeting.

After the meetings, which are chaired by the Deputy Head or an experienced senior member of staff, the Deputy Head will follow up any matters raised and give relevant replies to pupils.

We find that the School Council is a dynamic and vibrant organisation at Holmewood which serves a useful purpose and give pupils a chance to discuss, listen to others and to learn what can be practically achieved and what cannot.

"We give you our children every day because we know you are the best school and because we know they are in the best hands."
Current parent