LAMDA Success at Holmewood

Holmewood House School has enjoyed another year of amazing results for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). The children worked conscientiously towards examinations in Acting (Solo & Duologue), Speaking Verse and Prose and Reading for Performance. All of these examinations help a child to gain skills for life. The LAMDA Department are especially proud of all the girls and boys who have achieved exceptional individual success.

LAMDA Exam Results 2018

Alma Alfred Acting Duo G1 Distinction

Rollo Amin Acting Entry Distinction

Oliver Azurdia V & P G2 Distinction & Acting Entry Distinction

Benjamin Baker V & P G1 Distinction

Isabella Banks Acting G1 Distinction

Francesca Bevan Acting Duo G1 Merit

Isla Bhatnagar Acting G3 Distinction

Jamie Bhatnagar Acting G1 Distinction

Willow Brattle V & P G1 Pass

Thomas Burn Acting G1 Distinction

Poppy Carnochan Acting G1 Distinction & V & P G1 Distinction

William Coombs RFP G2 Distinction

Sean Cornet RFP G1 Merit

Aurora Crathern V & P Entry Distinction

Chester Curran V & P Entry Distinction

Ana Sofia de Norville Acting G2 Distinction

Archie Denny Acting G1 Merit

Madeleine Derry V & P Entry Pass

Sophie Desai Acting Duo G1 Distinction

Ashley Dodd V & P G3 Merit

Olly Du Feu Acting Duo G1 Distinction

Toni Fasina V & P G1 Distinction

Edward Fraser Acting G1 Distinction

Scarlett Fraser Acting G3 Pass

Lily Freeman V & P Entry Distinction

Elise Frydenbo-Bruvoll V & P Entry Distinction

Marie Frydenbo-Bruvoll Acting G1 Distinction

Ashton Gadiot V & P Entry Distinction

Henry Gadsden Acting G2 Distinction

Olivia Goodall Acting Duo G1 Merit

Emelia Grantham Acting G1 Distinction & V & P 2 Distinction

Evelyn Harmer Acting G2 Distinction

Niamh Harmer V & P G1 Distinction

Layla Hassan V & P Entry Distinction

Sam Hassan Acting Entry Distinction

Ted Hastie V & P 1 Distinction

David Hudson RFP G2 Distinction

Kitty Hughes V & P Entry Distinction

Holly Hughes Acting G1 Distinction & V & P G1 Distinction

Molly Hunt V & P G2 Distinction & Acting G2 Distinction

Alexander Leadbeater V & P Entry Distinction

Jake Mandich Acting G1 Distinction

Charlie McNally V & P G1 Distinction

Iona McNally V & P Entry Distinction

Kieran McWilliams V & P G3 Distinction & Acting G3 Distinction

Odette Mead V & P G3 Distinction & Acting G3 Distinction

China Miller Acting G3 Distinction & V & P G3 Distinction

Eliza Moody Acting G1 Distinction & V & P G2 Distinction

Antigone Norfolk-Thompson V & P Entry Distinction

Alice Osborne Acting Duo G1 Merit

Charles Osborne Acting Duo G1 Merit

Harvey Patterson V & P G1 Distinction

Beatrice Perry V & P G1 Distinction & Acting G1 Distinction

Myla Philips V & P Entry Distinction

Devan Radia Acting Entry Distinction

Tara Radia RFP G2 Merit

Agnes Ringer Acting G2 Distinction

Neve Rowley Acting Entry Distinction & V & P 1 Distinction

Chinmay Sharma V & P G3 Distinction

Abigail South V & P G2 Distinction & Acting G1 Distinction

James Speakman V & P 2 Distinction

Miranda Tansley Acting Duo G2 Merit

Ciaran Tansley Acting Duo G2 Distinction

Isla Thomas V & P Entry Distinction

Ruby Thomas V & P G1 Distinction & Acting Entry Distinction

Stanislav Valev V & P 2 Distinction

Rohan Van de Ven Acting Duo G1 Distinction

Edward Watmough Acting G1 Merit

Iona Woodhouse Acting G1 Distinction

Alice Wright Acting G2 Distinction

Isabelle Wyndham Acting G1 Merit & V & P G1 Distinction