Holmewood House Hosts Judo Competition

The annual Holmewood House Judo Competition took place on Sunday 12th October. This popular event, now in its 13th year had just shy of 130 youngsters from both independent and state schools signed up, to participate in this year’s competition.

The Sports Hall became a magnificent sporting arena, starting with Reception and Year 1 children and progressing through age groups as the hours passed by.

It was a tremendous day, each child displaying the Olympic Sport’s contest etiquette and awaiting the referee’s command of Hajime (Begin) gripping and tugging at each other’s Judo suit, trying to unbalance opponents and use the throws and holding techniques that are learnt and practiced in training sessions. For many of the children, it was their first taste of competition Judo. Anxious parents watching, cheering and supporting their son or daughter from the viewing area.

Director of Sport Mr Richard Thorley kindly attended the event and presented medals during the morning, as each set of groups finished competing. Most groups had 4 or 5 participants in them, therefore Gold, Silver and 3 Bronze medals were presented in each group and one child from each group received a Spirit of Judo Award, often awarded for displaying, resilience, perseverance and good sportsmanship. There were many fantastic performances and being part of the process is sometimes more beneficial than the end result.

Holmewood coach Ryan Court extends his thanks to all parents for their support and members of Bushido – Tunbridge Wells Judo Club that supplied officials for the day.

Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Spirit of Judo Award
Charlie Guppy Hugo Brown Louis McCallagh Jasper Brown
Rosie Worth Harrison Wright Jasper Brown George Ellefsen
Ashton Gadiot Ralph Mansfield George Ellefsen Freddie Kitching
Ralph Munn Michael McShee Lucy Pipponaiu
Wilfred Curran Oscar McGuiness Algeron Curran
Torben Brown Nolan Shankland
Amelie Lawson Freddie Kitching
Henry Wicks Chester Curran
Miles Green Alex Pipponaiu
Lucy Pipponaiu
Amelie Pearce
Eddir Shepard
Algeron Curran