Investing Monies Raised

All profits from the Friends of Holmewood events are invested in school projects and activities (75%) and charity (25%).

In 2016 a funding policy was introduced, so that staff across the whole school could apply for funding to deliver projects and items that support and enrich the children’s education in the broadest sense. The emphasis is on making investments that encourage the children’s curiosity, creativity and hidden learning.

We also decided in 2016 that our charitable donations would be focused on one local charity on an annual/biannual basis. We received over 20 nominations from parents and staff. An online vote took place across the staff and parent community, resulting in Dandelion Time being selected as our first Charity of the Year, for 2016/2017 and 2017/2108 academic years.

At the end of last year, the committee agreed to select another charity to support for the next two years via a parent and staff vote as per procedure in 2017/2017. This involved due diligence on local charities, short-listing by the trustees and finally member voting, and Holding On Letting Go was selected by members of Holmewood.

Mozaic Project

The wonderful mosaic project, which the artist Tamara Froud worked on with children in Years 3 to 8 over a three week period is now on display in the heart of the school grounds. Pupils, parent and staff who were involved with making the artwork with Tamara will no doubt remember which pieces they placed into the design, or which details of the composition they contributed to, and it will hopefully be an experience that will stay with them.