Exciting Boarding Packages

Great Boarding offers!

For as little as £6,880 per term (2015-2016) your child could
board 5 nights per week (8am Monday to 1pm Saturday)

For as little as £500 per term your child can spend 15
nights at Holmewood.

Full board and lodging, free evening activities included!

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Glossary & Links

Some of our pupils require additional support for:

Asperger Syndrome

Often viewed as the high ability aspect of the autistic spectrum. Grammatical and complex speech is achieved early but is not used for communication in the normal way. Eye contact is avoided and gaze may wander.
National Autistic Society


Developmental dyslexia is a difficulty with the process of learning, notably with phonology and short-term memory. Early on in schooling, it is the acquisition of skills involving formal sequences of symbols – reading, spelling, numbers, which are most obviously affected.
British Dyslexia Association 
Kent West Dyslexia Association (KWDA) 


Difficulty with mathematics generally, but particularly with arithmetical operations, and concepts of time and direction.
British Dyslexia Association

Dyspraxia/Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

A disorder in which there is impaired development of movement skills, understanding of language and thought processes. Motor skills such as catching,  throwing and construction may be difficult and the child may be regarded as ‘clumsy’. He or she may find it difficult to understand sensory information and relate it to actions and to plan and organise their thoughts.
Dyspraxia Foundation

Speech & Language


Difficulties or please contact the Learning Support department for a recommended speech and language therapist


"Pupils are highly numerate and demonstrate an infectious enjoyment of their mathematics lessons."
ISI Inspection Report 2017