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Design Technology

Design and Technology at Holmewood House School is a unique and very exciting part of the Curriculum, not always present in other Prep schools. The DT department boasts a large classroom for designing, researching, planning, modelling and evaluating, and also an even larger workshop for construction. The workshop has modern machinery such as a Laser Cutter sitting alongside traditional machinery like fretsaws and pillar drills.

The pupils start to use the facilities as young as Year 1 but more formally in Years 3 up to year 8. The DT curriculum is broad and balanced in content and varied in time allocation depending on the year group.

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Years 3 & 4

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Design and Technology in Years 3 and 4 model more. This forces them to think in three dimensions and gets them introduced to other mediums they have never seen before such as hot glue, double sided sticky tape, craft knives and a rotary cutter etc. It also helps develop their fine motor skills like scissor work.

  • Designing and making a house for a dinosaur, looking at ‘Anthropometrics’. They model in card using scissors and various sticky tapes.
  • Designing and making a puppet show, creating the story and modelling the characters and back drops and then performing it to their peers.
  • Looking at structures, including what is a good structure. They competitively model using paper and sticky tape. 
  • Designing and making a picture frame in MDF wood, using computer software called 2D Design and cutting out on a laser cutter.

Recent years have seen more embedding of computers into the Design and Technology curriculum at Holmewood House School, both in Designing using CAD (Computer Aided Design), and the Making stage using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

The department has its own set of laptops, which enables greater choice and differentiation of abilities, and spontaneous augmentation of pupils’ work.

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Years 5 & 6

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Year 5 pupils have a number of different projects, including trying to model in card a robot they had drawn; designing and making a novelty tissue dispenser, looking at mechanisms as a topic and then producing two different mechanical toys.

Year 6 use CAD to Design some packaging for a chosen ‘niche’ market. Then they focus on quite traditional wood working skills by Making a wooden money box that incorporated a musical coin slot, and then trying their hands (and shoulder muscles) by sawing, gluing, nailing and varnishing a bird box.



Years 7 & 8

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Year 7s start the year by looking at Typography and Font design, then creating a wooden slot-together, jewellery tree. They finish the year in pairs, designing and making a board game using CAD, CorelDRAW and 2D Design and CAM, the laser cutter.


The Year 8s start the year making clocks, usually designed and cut out using computers. For this project they have freedom to make decisions about materials and manufacturing techniques. They then end the year making a small, ‘hand made’ wooden box. This has sawn joints and laser etched design on top, and is finished with wax.


 Design Technology as a school Activity

Design and Technology is also taught by way of after school ‘Activities’. Many products are produced here, far too many to mention. The pupils decide what they would like to try to design and make.

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If a pupil shows a particular leaning towards the subject, and their prospective Senior School has the option, then a Design and Technology Scholarship might be tried for. The work in the Scholarship class is deeper in content and introduces Electronics and 3D Cad.

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"Pupils display excellent levels of understanding in languages and of scientific concepts [...]"
ISI Inspection Report 2017