Exciting Boarding Packages

Great Boarding offers!

For as little as £6,880 per term (2015-2016) your child could
board 5 nights per week (8am Monday to 1pm Saturday)

For as little as £500 per term your child can spend 15
nights at Holmewood.

Full board and lodging, free evening activities included!

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Why Board?

Don't take our word for it, hear what the children themselves have to say:

  • It’s fun to be at school with friends.
  • It means we can stay in bed longer in the mornings.
  • We can get our Prep done and then have free time without Mummy pestering us about it.
  • It makes us appreciate it more when we go home.
  • It means we do not have to rush in the mornings.
  • The dorms are so lovely.
  • Everything is so new.
  • Mummy can spend more time with my younger brother and sister while I have great fun with my friends.
  • We can do so many cool things.
  • It helps prepare me for Senior school.
  • The bed is more comfortable than mine.
  • Breakfast is delicious.
  • We get to have Tuck on Wednesdays.
  • It helps to make me independent.
  • It helps me to be organised and more responsible.
  • I love it!

Holmewood: Truly a holme from home!

"Pupils are highly confident, motivated and self-assured [...] Leaders ensure that all pupils feel valued by celebrating their successes, whatever they may be. "
ISI Inspection Report 2017