School Ownership

Holmewood House School ownership was established as a boys’ Preparatory Boarding School in 1945 by Mr Collings, the first Headmaster, and Mr Trotter, the first Bursar, who set up a company, Holmewood House Limited, which owned and operated the School. In 1980, the running of the School was taken over by Langton Properties Limited, which was specifically set up as a charitable educational trust and a company limited by guarantee to operate the School. The School itself was then leased on a 24 year lease from Holmewood House Limited, which by then was owned jointly by members of the Trotter family (having inherited from Mr Trotter) and the Collings Educational Trust, an educational charity, set up on the death of Mr Collings. Since 1980, the School has become co-educational and has expanded beyond the original Holmewood House, now a Grade II Listed Building. Langton Properties Limited purchased land and buildings which comprise the Music Rooms and Jubilee Theatre, the Sports Hall, the Squash Courts, the Swimming Pool, the Pre-Prep, the Nursery and the Headmaster’s House, Mulberry Cottage. In May 2003, Langton Properties Limited purchased the controlling interest in Holmewood House Limited by buying the shares owned by the Trotter Family. Since May 2003, with the ownership and operation of the School in the control of Langton Properties Limited, the future viability of the School is assured. In 2005, Langton Properties Limited was renamed Holmewood House School and Holmewood House Limited has been renamed Holmewood House Properties Limited. The dividend income from Holmewood House Properties Limited is distributed solely to the two charitable educational trusts, Holmewood House School and the Collings Trust.

The School is controlled by a Board of Governors, the Governing Body, who are also the Directors of Holmewood House School and Holmewood House Properties Limited and who are the charity trustees of Holmewood House School. The Governing Body is accountable to the Charity Commission and a number of other authorities and is responsible for the strategic direction and longer term financial viability of the School. It approves the School’s policies and sets the framework within which the Headmaster directs all the academic activity of the School, including the overall care and welfare of the children and within which the Bursar directs the financial and business management of the School.