IAPS Swimming – National Final Qualification Success

The IAPS qualifiers held at the beginning of 2020 saw a large number of swimmers from Holmewood House attend. The swimmers were all supportive of each other on the day and produced some inspired swims and new personal bests.


Huge well done to those swimmers who took part:


• Year 4/5 boys – Marcus Hayden, Jack Guppy, Max Plumb, Miles Green and Rohan Bissett

• Year 5 girls – Erin Beamish, Addison Clary, Aurora Crathern, Kitty Hughes, Hattie Griffiths, Leila El Mokadem

• Year 6 boys – Corin Westmoreland, James Wright, Jake Love, Tom Stoner, Matthew Virrels, Charlie Skarbek, Oliver Eberell

• Year 6 girls – Abi Smiley, Myla Philips, Bertie Cooke, Araba Taylor, Amelie Cook, Isabelle Hayden

• Year 7/8 boys – Aran Bissett, Max El Mokadem, Henry Guppy, Marius Greenwood, James Speakman, Oliver Pearce, Max Doyle, Tom Schoorlemmer

• Year 7/8 girls – Emelia Oliver, Olivia Griffiths, Poppy Carnochan, Marie Frydenbo-Bruvoll, Evie Ginbey, Isabelle Doyle, Lilly Stoner, Ella Gardener Hill




After a long wait for the final results of the qualifying rounds, the IAPS published the collated results and Holmewood House had another stunning year with a massive 23 swimmers qualifying for the national finals. The top 20 children from each individual race and top 20 relay teams would have qualified for the finals which was due to be held at the London Olympic Pool. Although it was disappointing that the national finals couldn’t go ahead this year, we hope that the qualifiers are proud of what they achieved!


Top 20 results and our NATIONAL qualifiers 2020:


Year 5:

• Marcus Hayden – 25m Backstroke – 3rd

• Jack Guppy – 25m Butterfly – 4th

• Aurora Crathern – 25m Breaststroke – 10th

• Boys 4 x 25m Freestyle – Jack Guppy, Miles Green, Marcus Hayden, Max Plumb – 6th

• Boys 4 x 25m Medley – Jack Guppy, Marcus Hayden, Rohan Bissett, Miles Green – 5th

• Girls 4 x 25m Medley – Aurora Crathern, Kitty Hughes, Addison Clary, Leila El Mokadem – 10th


Year 6:

• Corin Westmoreland – 50m Butterfly – 12th

• James Wright – 50m Breaststroke – 13th

• Boys 4 x 25m Freestyle – Corin Westmorland, James Wright, Tom Stoner, Charlie Skarbek – 10th


Year 7:

• Aran Bissett – 50m Freestyle – 2nd

• Max El Mokadem – 50m Butterfly – 1st (Well done Max!)

• Henry Guppy – 50m Breaststroke – 9th

• Marius Greenwood – 50m Backstroke – 4th

• Emelia Oliver – 50m Backstroke – 2nd

• Olivia Griffiths – 50m Butterfly – 2nd

• Poppy Carnochan – 50m breaststroke – 18th

• Isabelle Hayden – 50m Freestyle – 7th (Swimming up a year – HOW AMAZING!)

• Boys 4 x 25m Freestyle – Aran Bissett, Max El Mokadem, Henry Guppy, Marius Greenwood – 1st

• Boys 4 x 25m Medley – Aran Bissett, Max El Mokadem, Henry Guppy, Marius Greenwood – 1st

• Girls – 4 x 25m Freestyle – Marie Frydenbo-Bruvoll, Emelia Oliver, Olivia Griffiths, Isabelle Hayden – 3rd


Year 8:

• Evie Ginbey – 50m Breaststroke – 18th


Some of our swimmers had some tough competition with over 170 children in each event! Special mentions go to Max for qualifying in 1st place and to Isabelle who swum up a year as a year 7 and still qualified for her individual event. We hope that the experience of taking part forms part of the building blocks to go onto bigger and better things and we are so proud of our Holmewoodians for all of their achievements. We are really looking forward to getting back in the pool next year as we have so many swimmers looking to better their placing and both Mrs Bradbury and Mr Stevens feel next year could be even more successful.